What is the Shanghai Government Scholarship?

Overview and Purpose

The scheme is set up by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, aimed to fund international students seeking graduate degrees in Shanghai – is part of a wider strategy to cultivate an increasingly multinational education profile among universities in the city. As Shanghai's key projects to improve the influence of local higher education and attract excellent talents from all over the world, it is a scholarship established by Shanghai for all international students who pursuing their undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Shanghai.

Requirements and Forms of Scholarship

If the candidates want to apply for this scholarship, they must be:Be a non-Chinese citizen in good health; and must meet other application requirements set by the Shanghai University that the individuals intend to apply. Scholarship type are two,

Type A covers tuition in full, free on-campus accommodation, MBA medical insurance, as well as living expenses stipend.

Students who choose this type B only get the benefit of paying tuition fees and comprehensive medical insurance.

Type A scholarships in 2022 included a monthly stipend of about 2,500 RMB for undergraduates, 3,000 for master individuals and doctoral students.

Application Process

The procedure of the Shanghai Government Scholarship can be divided into the following criteria. First, applicants need to apply to one of the eligible universities in Shanghai. Once accepted, they can apply for the scholarship via the university in question. This usually entails the completion of a comprehensive application form, a study plan or research proposal, copies of academic transcripts, letters of recommendation and proof of language proficiency—whether in Chinese or English as per the chosen study programme.

Funding and Duration

Benefits of Shanghai Government Scholarship: The scholarship is granted for the complete course duration which might be 3 to 5 years having sum of allowance depending on type and level of scholarship. In line with the normal period of study for the latter: The scholarship is awarded for the entire duration of your studies.

Most Undergraduate scholarships are tenable for 4 or 5 year.

Duration of the Master’s (2 to 3 years) Technically, master scholarships fall between undergraduate and PhD level funding, but are only intended to be grants for part of your time spent studying.

Applicants can apply for up to 3 -4 year of doctoral scholarship.

The international education landscape in Shanghai

This has resulted in a large increase of the international student numbers in Shanghai through introduction of Shanghai Government Scholarship. According to reports, Shanghai university officials have also seen a 20% increase in the number of international scholars who are coming over to attend courses since its roll-out. These students help to diversify the local universities, building up a rich and diverse multicultural academic experience injustice anacir(Byzay) global perspectives.

Further Information

Eligibility, application procedures, and specific benefits can be found at shanghai government scholarship For applicants. This resource lists all the guidelines and updates about the scholarship for future applicants.

Finally, the shanghai government scholarship is a high caliber assistance offer created to make international students the bread and butter of Shanghai to become an international educational hub as it aims. It provides comprehensive financial benefits and helps to establish the international academic culture of the universities in Shanghai at the same time.

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