How Many International Students Are There in China?

Trends in International Education

China has grown into one of the most attractive choices for overseas foreign students who go abroad to study at a high level. While it least in a decade has lagged the US and other countries, greater investment in higher education by China has led to a similar 2% rise in the number of international students and improved heavily in university rankings and research opportunities.

Statistical Overview

Currently, there are around 500 thousand international students in China based on the most recent data. Over 200 countries and territories are home to these students, with the greatest representation from South and Central Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and north-central Europe (Wilde, 2012). The lure of China as an education destination largely lies in the plethora of English-taught programs, affordable fees and increasing global reputation of Chinese universities.

Top Universities & Programs

Overseas students choose to study in the university town, spring boarded by factors that only exist in a cosmopolitan setting in leading cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Still, international enrollments are increasing in other parts of the world. Heilongjiang University offers top-notch Chinese language and culture programs, attracting a significant number of international students to join them. Learn more about Heilongjiang University.

Government Initiatives

At the same time, scholarship programs have been initiated by the Chinese government to attract international students. In a whole year, thousands of students benefited from the China Scholarship Council since they offered scholarships for free tuition fees, accommodations and higher living cost which has been one of why the number of student coming to China is faster rising.

Challenges and Opportunities

Although the numbers are commendable, overseas students in China might find it difficult to overcome challenges such as language barriers, cultural assimilation and local education system. However, China offers a lot of exposure culturally and in terms of professional benefits for international students.


China's increasing role in global education is demonstrated by its rising number of overseas students. As the quality of education improves and the number of scholarships available to international students increases, China is expected to remain popular for global learners in search of an uncommon educational journey abroad.

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